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AGO in Åre conducts property maintenance, cleaning and rental of mediated apartments and houses for touristy accommodation in Åre, Björnen, Sadeln and Tegefjäll.

AGO in Åre is located in the middle of Åre, Northern Europe's largest ski resort. We are a local company that has been in the village for about ten years and likes to do what we do. We are open all year round and with our central location it is easy to be a guest and easy to reach.

Our strength is the joy of service and many small and large property owners, homeowners and apartment owners have chosen to let us take care of their mountain accommodation. This includes cleaning, property maintenance, rental and all possible and impossible extra services; We do everything from renovating bathrooms to coming up with a Christmas tree, big city or inspected cars.

We have very good knowledge of the houses and apartments we provide which is a security for both the owner and the guest who rents. Many are the guests who become regular guests and our wish and hope is that you too will be part of that crowd. You can easily and easily book online at agoiare.see.

How do we work?

Our core values and our ambition is that it should be personal, flexible and safe to be a customer with us.

  • Personally - for us it is important that our customers feel that it is close and easy to get help from us.
  • Flexible - Our flexibility and ability to adapt to our customers' needs and to find solutions to small and large assignments is a strength
  • Safe - our customers should always be able to trust that we do the assignments with good quality and within the agreed time and price.

Welcome to us when you come to Åre next time. Here the coffee stands and you can always sit down in the lobby, read a magazine or connect for a while.

Manager: Eva Thelin
Phone: +46 647-515 00
E-mail: info@agoiare.se

CEO AGO in Åre: Patrik Pettersson Wallberg

AGO in Åre is the name of our brand and the company AGO Servicebolaget i Åre AB. Since 2005, it has been owned by Lars-Göran Larsson, Tommy Ekberg, Pecka Dillner, Kent Kristoferson and Lars Ocklind and has about 25 employees.

The images on our site come from: Åre Destination Vemdalen and photographer Jonas Kullman.

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