Information Covid-19

A safe and secure winter season together

We welcome all old and new guests to another safe and secure winter season. We follow the authorities' restrictions and decisions. Together, we are helping to take responsibility this winter as well. Keep your distance, wash your hands and stay up to date on what advice and recommendations the authorities give.  

Already last winter, we and other players in Åre made adjustments to create a corona-secured business that made it possible for us to stay open and welcome guests to Åre. We are now taking these experiences with us to this season, and we are ready to make further adjustments if necessary.

We ensure that our staff are afraid of themselves and others by giving them the opportunity to be vaccinated, tested and of course be at home if they have symptoms or are ill.

Things to think about before your stay:

● Stay up to date on the restrictions that apply at the destination
● Stay home if you have symptoms or are ill
● Test yourself if you have symptoms
● Get vaccinated against covid-19 and seasonal flu
● We have unmanned check-in and check-out where the key is picked up in an envelope. One person from each party picks up an envelope / key. Maximum 2 people in the door lock at the same time, wait outside for your turn
● Respect check-in and check-out times, so the next guest has access to a well-kept apartment
● Read our booking conditions and what applies to cancellation protection
● You are responsible for taking yourself home in an infectious manner if you become ill during your stay
● Let us know by phone 0647-515 00 if you fell ill during your stay, to enable extra departure cleaning

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