Cleaning services in Åre

AGO in Åre performs many different cleaning assignments.

Sometimes you need an extended arm. If you live far away, it can be nice to have someone who takes care of the house or apartment and make sure it is cleaned after departure and looks good before arrival.

For those of you living in the Åre area, cleaning help can be a good way to make life easier in everyday life. We carry out all kinds of cleaning in cottages, apartments, homes and larger properties.

RUT / ROT. Individuals can receive tax reductions for household services. Read more at

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Send an email to with your complete contact details;

  • Name
  • Address / Postal address
  • Mobile number

Also enter:

  • Which object / apartment the request applies to
  • Number of square meters
  • Date when cleaning can begin
  • Date for when it must be ready at the latest.
  • If you want a RUT deduction (enter social security number)

In the email, you also state the type of cleaning in question:

  • Weekly cleaning
  • Moving cleaning
  • Big city
  • Stair cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Window plaster
  • Other

Also describe if there are special requests (regarding cleaning agents or other)

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